Another Ruby Wedding Cake

’40’ seems to be a feature in my cakes at the moment… This one is for a ruby wedding, and is a variation of the cake on the ‘cake gallery’ (which I originally created for my parents ruby wedding anniversary), using stars instead of flowers.

These two pictures are similar close ups from the two cakes:

This is a fruit cake, covered in marzipan and white sugarpaste. The board is also covered with sugarpaste.

The stars were made using different sized plunger cutters and then curling them slightly using the end of a brush (can’t find my ball modelling tool). I used flowerpaste in two different colours – a ruby red and a pinker colour which just used less colouring.

I gave the ’40’ a bit of depth by using a template to cut pieces from sugarpaste which I stuck to the top of the cake (with a bit of royal icing) and then smoothed the edges. I then stuck the stars on individually with royal icing. This took quite a while.

Finishing touches – red ribbon around the board and the base of the cake, and some sliver dusting powder to make the stars shimmer a bit.

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